These pages describe some of the projects I’ve done or taken part in.

Autonomous Landing Site Selection (Dissertation) — My dissertation project, on Autonomous Landing Site Selection for Micro Aerial Vehicles.

Clangers Demo — My coursework demo for my computer graphics course, involving a Clanger and a badly-flown spacecraft.

Consolid8 — One of my first published projects, an add-on for World of Warcraft.

GO Publisher Web UI — A Web UI for job control I created during a summer internship at Snowflake Software.

Invenio Mobile — A hybrid mobile app for the Invenio document repository, written during my summer at CERN.

Just Encrypt — One-click, no-fuss encryption, in your web browser.

Student Robotics Control Interface — An interface to allow Student Robotics competitors to manually test their robots’ hardware.

Student Robotics Simulator — A simple robot simulator written in Python.